Questions for candidates

ccording to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures on implementation of an effective system of management, control and work with the personnel of internal Affairs bodies” dated 23 August 2018 # PP-3919 and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures for gradual introduction of the subject “Education” practice in schools” dated July 6, 2020 No. 422 introduced a new procedure that provides for a more simplified version of the final individual interviews conducted for the purpose of admission to service in internal Affairs bodies. According to this:

The final individual conversation is conducted in the form of a question-answer and is aimed at determining the level of intellectual potential of candidates, their psychological readiness for service, sociability, as well as other aspects of morality and education, the presence of important qualities for the profession, and based on knowledge of law and educational disciplines, General Outlook.

Questions on determining the General Outlook of candidates, based on legal and educational disciplines, as well as professional competence, are developed separately for officers and enlisted personnel, and are posted on the official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The evaluation of the candidate in the final individual interviews take into account his ability to reveal the content and essence of the question, a logical and consistent presentation of response, ability to lead in the course of the response required source or legal documents.

Candidates are not allowed to bring items that help them prepare for the interview, such as books, mobile phones, information and communication tools, and cheat sheets, to the final individual interview.

Candidates who did not pass the final individual interview are not allowed to repeat the interview.

At the final individual interview, the candidate must appear with a civilian passport (military ID).

In the final individual conversation, the ticket selected by the candidate consists of three questions that are answered in the desired sequence.

Questions and answers are provided in Uzbek and Russian
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