November 24, 2022 816

Representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held a webinar

On November 22, the MIA Academy hosted a webinar lecture with the participation of representatives of the Department for Combating Transnational Threats of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Professors and teachers of specialized departments and cadets participated in the training organized with the support of the project coordinator of the OSCE in Uzbekistan.

Mr Sasha Strupp, an expert of the Strategic Issues Group on Police Activities of the OSCE Department for Combating Transnational Threats, opened the training. The foreign expert made a speech on the topic "Organization of police activities based on brief analytical data, identification and elimination of existing threats" and focused on providing the police with brief data to combat crime, methods of effective use of information sources, and experiences used in data processing and analysis.

Later, Mr Wright Picaro, Head of the Anti-Narcotics and Organized Crime Department of the Estonian Police and State Border Guard, made a speech. The expert gave a speech about the advantages of digital information systems in combating illegal drug trafficking and preventing organized crime, exposing this type of crime using modern technologies and the specific features of the "ILD model" national system, comparing the experience of his country.

Following the event, the experts acknowledged that the training was held in the spirit of sincere communication. It created conditions for exchanging best practices between international and national experts and further strengthening multifaceted cooperation.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA

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