October 26, 2022 785

A crime related to the land sale was exposed

Based on the appeal of citizen G.K. to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan to fight against the looting of land resources, quick action was held in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

It was found that R.Yu. by the decision of the governor of Zangiota district dated 27.12.2012, promised to sell a total of 1.0 hectares of dry land in the territory of "Ortasaroy" mahalla allocated on a lease basis for 30 years to citizen S. Yuldashev for 80 thousand US dollars and to issue relevant documents through his acquaintances in the government system. He was caught with material evidence while fraudulently taking 10,000 US dollars from the agreed amount.

In this regard, a criminal case was initiated against R.Yu. under Article 168, Part 4, Clause "a" and Article 28,211, Part 3, Clause "a" of the Criminal Code. The investigations were undertaken.

Prosecutor General's Office

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