November 12, 2022 614

The officials of the sector in the Tashkent region held a mobile reception with the residents of Yangiyol

The next mobile reception of sector leaders in the Tashkent region was held in Yangiyol city. In this mobile reception, the appeals of the citizens related to the internal affairs bodies and the activities of the 3rd sector were thoroughly considered by the head of the regional Department of Internal Affairs.

They had an open dialogue with the population to study the unsolved problems and proposals on the spot and to solve them positively.

In the reception, the officials listened to citizens' appeals regarding the communal sector, employment, road construction and repair, material assistance for health restoration, obtaining loans and other issues.

Suggestions for improving the socio-economic status of the sector were also made.

During the reception, appeals of citizens were resolved positively. Applications that require study and time are processed.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent region

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