August 29, 2022 676

Persons selling large quantities of potent drugs were arrested in Khojaabad district

On August 25, as a result of quick actions of the officers of the DIA of Andijan region in the territory of Khojaabad district, a male citizen T.J, born in 1997, living in Khojaabad district, and his partner, S.J., born in 1987, who lives in Asaka district and working as a pharmacy manager of a joint-stock company located in the territory of Asaka district were detained while selling a total of 994 units of "Lyrika" to a buyer for 1,700 US dollars.

Furthermore, it was found that there are 3010 units of "Lyrika" drugs, which are illegally stored in the pharmacy warehouse belonging to citizen S.J.

In this regard, investigations are undertaken by the DIA of Khojaabad district.

Press Service of the DIA of Andijan region 

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