May 22, 2021 5210

Safe tourism is a key factor in the development of tourism

It is known that Khorezm region, particularly Khiva city, occupies a leading position in the country in terms of tourist visits. Therefore, law enforcement agencies paid special attention to ensuring the safety of tourists in the region.

On May 20, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan B. Valiev, who is on a working visit to Khorezm region, got acquainted with the Khorezm region's Department of Safe Tourism activities in Khiva.

The Head of the DIA of Khorezm Region, Major General D. Nazarmuhamedov, and the Senior Advisor to the Region's Prosecutor, B. Kudratkhodjaev, accompanied the First Deputy Prosecutor General.

The head of the Department of Safe Tourism of the DIA of Khorezm Region, Colonel M. Atabaev, informed them about the forces and means involved in ensuring the safety of foreign and domestic tourists.

In particular, the Safe tourism officers demonstrated information centers for tourists, a specially equipped bus acting as a mobile headquarters, Segway and Scooters.

The First Deputy Prosecutor General appreciated the activities of the Department of Safe Tourism of the DIA of Khorezm region and provided the necessary recommendations for further improvement in this area.

Press Service of the DIA of Khorezm Region 


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