December 13, 2021 5090

The theft was revealed from the fingerprints taken at the scene

On December 8, H.T, a resident of Qovchin village, Karshi district, filed a complaint to the Internal Affairs. She claimed that on the same day, between 01:00 and 03:30 am, an unknown person entered her house illegally and stole a total of 19,700,000 sums, including 1 piece worth 6,000,000 sums and 1 piece worth 5,000 000 soums clone, 1 women's wedding ring costing 2,400,000 sums, 1 women's diamond eye gold ring worth 2,400,000 sums, 1 men's wedding ring worth 3,500.00 sums and 400,000 sums.

In this case, 10 fingerprints were taken from the scene by the Kashkadarya region police department officers. They found 1 fingerprint belonging to S.E., a resident of Shirkent Farm.

The operatives of the DIA of Karshi District investigated S.E. They seized gold jewellery and 220,000 sums belonging to H.T. as evidence. The Karshi District Department of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case against S.E.

Press Service of the DIA of Kashkadarya region

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