May 18, 2023 644

The head of the 3rd sector held a mobile reception with the people in Tashkent region

The next open dialogue aimed at solving the population's problems was held in Akkurgan district, where the leadership of the regional MDIA, khokimiyat and regional enterprise-organization managers took part.

During the mobile reception, several appeals of the population related to migration and citizenship registration, investigation and inquiry, social protection and material assistance, electricity supply and gas, health rehabilitation, house construction and repair, road construction (restoration) and others were studied.

The majority of about 50 appeals of various contents were positively resolved on the spot and through on-site studies.

Tasks were given to those responsible for the positive resolution of appeals requiring time for additional study in a legal manner, and their execution was monitored.

Our mobile receptions, founded at the initiative of the head of our state, will be regularly continued in all cities and districts of the region, said the head of the MDIA, Major General Tahir Aripov.

Press Service of the MDIA of Tashkent region 

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