September 3, 2023 569

A meeting with the staff of the investigative departments was held at the MDIA of Tashkent city

Major-General Aziz Tashpulatov, head of the Tashkent MDIA, held a meeting with the employees of the Investigation Department under the MDIA and its regional departments within the framework of the "Month of Discipline".

The head of the MDIA of the capital emphasized that every employee should strictly follow the service discipline and the law, be regularly aware of the news in the law, and strictly follow the principles of impartiality and fairness in the service process.

Also, during the event, it was explained that the employees must strictly comply with the requirements of the current orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and appropriate measures were defined in this regard.

Press Service of the MDIA of Tashkent city

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