May 21, 2023 341

The head of the MDIA of Tashkent city held a reception in Bektemir district

The leaders of all sectors are conducting field receptions to study and solve the problems of the citizens. 

The head of MDIA of Tashkent city held one such reception in Bektemir district. The district governor and heads of other official organizations also took part in the reception.

At the beginning of the reception, four citizens expressed appreciation to the Department of Internal Affairs employees who conscientiously fulfilled their duties and helped solve the people's problems.

During the event, he heard the appeals of more than 40 citizens and resolved the issues of 22 applicants on the spot.

Also, authorities were tasked to resolve the appeals of 10 citizens positively, and the deadline for the resolution was set and monitored. 13 appeals were explained in the legal direction.

Such mobile receptions continue in all districts of the capital.

Press Service of the MDIA of Tashkent city

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