August 12, 2021 5055

The guests from Tatarstan got acquainted with the activities of Safe Tourism

Special attention is paid to tourism development in our country, and the government is taking appropriate measures in this direction. On August 11-13, Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Sergey Ivanov visited the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main purpose of the visit is to strengthen ties between Tatarstan and Uzbekistan further and discuss issues of close cooperation in tourism. 

On August 11, during the visit to Uzbekistan, the delegation - S. Ivanov and the representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in Uzbekistan, A. Akhtareev, visited the Department of Transport and Tourism Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Head of the Department for Security at Transport and Tourism B. Mirzarahimov, Head of the Main Department for Transport Security R. Tashpulatov and Deputy Head of the Department for Coordination of Safe Tourism N. Odilov welcomed the partner representatives.

The guests got acquainted with the Department's main tasks, the work carried out in crime and delinquency prevention, new methods and techniques widely used in this process, the Coordination Department of Safe Tourism, and the Sall Center of the Department activities.

In addition, during the acquaintance, the Uzbek side informed the delegation about the activities of safe tourism in the regions, the daily work of staff, the work being done to ensure the safety of tourists visiting our country.

We should note that all conditions are created for tourists to feel safe in the country, and modern information technologies are widely used in this direction.

Following the visit, S.Ivanov expressed satisfaction with the facilities created for the guests of our country. He also expressed his desire to work closely to implement such measures to ensure safe tourism in their country in the future.

Department of Security at Transport and Tourism Facilities

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