November 27, 2022 942

Buccaneers were detained

The employees of the internal affairs bodies in the Arnasoy district of the Jizzakh region, adjacent to the Aydar-Arnasoy lake system, held an inspection event.

In this process, 36 fish and five nets were taken from K.U., who lives in "Navroz" mahalla, Kattakorgan district, Samarkand region, 37 fish and ten nets from A.T., who lives in Garbmajid mahalla of the same district, 16 fish and one net from his neighbour G.R., 51 fish and five nets were taken from M.A., who lives in Bakhtli Mahalla, Arnasoy District, 66 fish and one 100-meter net from B.K., who lives at the same address were identified. 

The total weight of the fish was 114 kilograms.

Investigative actions are undertaken in connection with the cases.

Press Service of the DIA of Jizzakh region

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