July 8, 2021 4916

The mobile application "Smart Mahalla" supports 20 types of appeals

Today, everyone uses a mobile phone. This device often serves as a means of communication. But now, through producing national applications, its functions are expanding and creating new conveniences for our citizens.

In particular, following the Presidential decree dated March 26, the Ministry of Internal Affairs created a mobile application, "Smart Mahalla".

The secretary of the 3rd sector of the region Nurnazar Tilavov, informed about the system for providing remote electronic services to citizens, a database of sector headquarters, mahalla offices, law enforcement agencies and demographics of Samarkand and Tashkent regions.

It also integrated with the sectoral services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the information systems of the Ministry of Mahalla and Family Support and the Chamber of State Cadastres.

Therefore, after registration, the mobile application user can get information about the chairman, demographic data of the mahalla, the head of the attached sector, and the geolocation of the mahalla office. He also can evaluate the activities of the prevention inspectors in the menu "My mahalla".

The mobile application is operating in a pilot mode since June 1 of this year. It allows citizens to apply with 20 directions aimed at the socio-economic development of the regions.

For example, the "Smart Mahalla" mobile application provides the opportunity to address remotely and review the sector, establish quick communication with mahalla chairs, sector leaders and prevention inspectors, and evaluate their activities. It facilitates the rapid use of open data resources of government agencies.

The "Geo-map of the area" menu provides tracking the traffic accidents, administrative offences and crimes periodically. In the menu "Wanted and missing persons", one can view the latest information on persons wanted and declared missing by law enforcement agencies in the prescribed manner.

SOS menu serves to send an emergency message and calls to the short numbers "101", "102", "103", "104", "1050" and "1173", and the accidents can be tracked in real-time.

The mobile app also offers a new, unique service for parents. The menu "Remote control of the child" helps parents to monitor their children by connecting them to the systems of turnstiles, GPS trackers and surveillance cameras of educational institutions.

The initial version of the "Smart Mahalla" application piloted in Samarkand and Tashkent regions will be implemented in all regions of the country by the end of this year.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand region

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