January 8, 2023 425

The deputy head of the DIA of Samarkand region conducted a study in Urgut district

The deputy head of the DIA of the Samarkand region, lieutenant colonel H. Umarov, conducted a study in the Urgut district.

First, in the building of the Uzbek-Tajik secondary school No. 154 in Urgut district, he discussed the crime with the residents committed in the territory of the "Urgut shopping complex" located in the Mergancha mahalla of Urgut district on January 6, 2022, and determined appropriate measures to prevent such crimes in the future.

Later, the activity of the central headquarters, which was established in connection with the winter season in the district, was studied.

In addition, he went to the Urgut District Medical Association in the Navbog mahalla, checked the fuel supply and the heating system, and specified appropriate measures to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

Then, together with the leaders of the district sector, they went to the "Chagizmon" mahalla and interviewed the residents of the mahalla, the chairman of the mahalla, women's activists, youth leaders, assistant mayors and prevention inspectors about the problems of the population, and obtained information about the families in need of social assistance living in the mahalla.

Furthermore, according to the appeal of residents of Zarafshan mahalla in Bulung'ur district, stones were placed on the internal roads of the mahalla.

Work in this regard is continuing.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand region 

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