November 20, 2022 953

Problems are being solved in the mobile reception of the republican working group in Kashkadarya region

Based on the assignment of the Presidential Administration and the relevant order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the republican working group held mobile receptions in Shahrisabz. The Republican working group consisting of the first deputy head of the Investigation Department of the MIA, Bakhtiyor Jalolov and the responsible employees of other structures of the Ministry, regional internal affairs bodies, heads of other official organizations in the region and district participated in the reception and considered 25 appeals related to various issues.

The appeals mainly consisted of getting a job with the internal affairs bodies, complaining about the inquiry and investigative actions, reporting about the committed crime, getting work tools for self-employment, issuing an ID card, and thanking the internal affairs bodies.

Eight of the appeals were resolved positively, and 17 were taken under control. Among the citizens who applied, one employee of the internal affairs bodies expressed gratitude for the investigation and investigative actions. At the same time, The responsible officials gave sewing machines for self-employment to 4 women at the reception, and ID cards were issued to 3 citizens on the spot.

During the mobile reception of the working group, tasks were given to the relevant responsible employees on the issues that are within the competence of the structural units of the Ministry and require additional study, and their execution was monitored.

Press Service of the DIA of Kashkadarya region

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