August 24, 2022 473

"Black opium-2022": Drug dealing was exposed

As a result of the measures carried out by the internal affairs bodies of the Khorezm region as part of the second stage of the comprehensive operational and preventive event "Black opium-2022", many crimes related to the illegal transfer of narcotic drugs were exposed.

In particular, on August 17, the Criminal Investigations Department of the regional department of internal affairs held a quick event in Urgench. During the event, a resident of Urgench, born in 2000, R.J., was caught selling a "hashish" drug weighing 0.2 grams for 800,000 UZS. After that, the partner of this person, M.J., born in 1997, and living in Urgench, was found keeping two packages of "hashish" drug in his pocket.

Also, on August 19, another criminal group engaged in drug trafficking was arrested due to another operational event held in Urgench by the Criminal Investigations Department of the regional department of internal affairs. Initially, O.S. and U.M., living in Urganch, born in 2001, were caught in a criminal conspiracy by operatives while selling one piece of hashish weighing 0.64 grams for 600,000 UZS. After that, when the car belonging to the suspects and their living quarters were inspected with the participation of impartial people, seven pieces of the drug "hashish" in the car interior which were separately packed for the purpose of future transfer and 10.64 grams of hashish, an electronic scale, and hand-made devices designed for the consumption of drugs were found in their house and formalized as evidence.

Based on the relevant Articles of the Criminal Code, a criminal case has been initiated, and preliminary investigations are being conducted in connection with these cases. The suspects were remanded in custody.

Press Service of the DIA of Khorezm region 

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