June 24, 2022 439

Psychological training for executives was held in Karshi

At the Regional Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, the Penitentiary Department and others under the Ministry of Internal Affairs organized a seminar training on "Leadership Spirituality", "Leadership Culture", and "Leadership Psychology". A psychologist of the Department, heads and deputies of the Investigative Detention Center of the 4th Regional Territory, penal colonies and other colonies, and heads of departments and divisions and groups attended it.

During the seminar training, the psychologist of the Department, Captain Aziz Sakhatov, gave the participants a detailed understanding of the management and organizational skills of the staff working in leadership positions and the state of the spiritual environment of the teams. Participants were then divided into groups to participate in the training.

At the seminar, psychologists conducted psychological training for managers. The training provided psychological counselling related to developing high organizational and business skills, worldview, and spiritual and intellectual potential of leaders, instilling in them a sense of patriotism, pride, devotion to their profession and high responsibility. In addition, they gave psychological advice on preventing occupational life, stress (tension), depression and other negative mental states.

During the psychological training, the attendees developed the process of adapting the subordinate to the service skills. The psychologists provided psychological support, practical organization of psycho-consultative conversations, and recommendations on further measures.

There is no doubt that such spiritual and educational events will strengthen the confidence of law enforcement officers.

Press Service of the DIA of Kashkadarya Region

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