February 2, 2023 666

Another fact related to psychotropic drugs in the "Kamchik" pass

It was reported that a situation related to psychotropic drugs was detected in the "Namangan" RPS facility. Another case was also recorded in this facility.

On February 1, at 10:00 a.m., during inspections in cooperation with the field services, at the "Namangan" RPS facility, located on the "Kamchik" pass, Pop district, when the officers stopped a "Cobalt" car and inspected they found 40 units of "Tropicamid" on the side of the engine part. They also found 20 boxes of psychotropic drugs named "Regapen" (a total of 280 pieces) and formalized them accordingly.

Driver A.E., born in 1986, and the identified drugs were handed over to the DIA of the Pop district.

Road investigations are continuing.

Press Service of the RTSS PSD of the MIA 

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