February 4, 2023 624

Internal Affairs officers arrested individuals preparing fake banknotes and selling them at half price

The officers of the DIA of Angren city arrested a citizen born in 1976, selling fake banknotes worth 1,500,000 UZS for 400,000 UZS.

During quick investigations, this interconnected "criminal chain" was broken, and four more persons (aged 29-47) involved in the case were arrested in a procedural order.

Fake 100,000 soum bills and a colour printer valued at 1,500,000 UZS were documented as evidence.

It was found that these persons printed counterfeit currency notes worth 5,000,000 UZS earlier.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 176, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and investigations are being undertaken.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent region

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