June 23, 2021 5411

The Probation Service of the MIA and its subdivisions held a video conference

The head of the Probation Service, Colonel M. Ismailov, opened the meeting and introduced the issues on the agenda. The Probation Service has received a proposal from the Prosecutor General's Office "On the law violation, its causes, and the situations' elimination." Z. Yuldashev, Deputy Head of the 12th Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, informed the meeting participants about the violations mentioned in this proposal. 

Z.Yuldashev expressed his objections to the issue on the agenda. According to Article 45 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Prosecutor General's Office investigated the imposition of sentences of deprivation of certain rights and the state of execution of these punishments. He noted that they had identified some errors and omissions in implementing specific actions in executing the sentence of deprivation of those rights.

During the meeting, the staff of the probation units of the city and district police reported on the cases and specific measures taken to address the shortcomings identified by the Prosecutor General's Office.   

At the meeting, the participants noted that each leader should draw the correct conclusions from the proposal. They need to eliminate such shortcomings in the future to prevent similar violations and practise departmental control over employees' day-to-day activities.

The Probation Service of the MIA


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