April 8, 2021 4973

A successful training

The main forensic centre of the MIA of Uzbekistan and the Russian company "Papillon" JSC have been successfully cooperating for over ten years. As part of this cooperation, from 03/22/2021 to 04/09/2021, the main forensic centre of the MIA organized training for police officers under the program of additional professional education "Instructors for working with AFIS Papillon-9".

Forensic experts from the Department of Internal Affairs and one teacher from the MIA Academy attended the training. The Papillon Training Centre specialists conducted the training. The purpose of the specific training of instructors was to train specialists who can conduct high-quality training of employees of internal affairs units to work with the AFIS Papillon-9 without the direct participation of the specialists of the Training Center Papillon".

The training participants gained knowledge about the methods of conducting theoretical, demonstration, practical and certification classes in preparation for working with the AFIS Papillon-9". They developed the initial skills for conducting such training. The participants were given sets of working materials approved by the Training Center "Papillon". These are ready-made lecture notes and presentations, materials for practical activities and testing. At the end of the training, the participants had the exam. Each of the students prepared and independently conducted a lecture. A commission formed of specialists from the Papillon Training Center assessed the examination assignments.

All instructors showed good results and knowledge of the subject, which is not surprising since they are practising specialists and already have experience with AFIS "Papillon". It was the first stage of the training of instructors. The second stage will be an internship - participation in the training of forensic experts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is expected soon and will be conducted by the Papillon Training Center.

Successful completion of the internship will confirm the instructor's right to independently train internal affairs units to work with the AFIS Papillon-9. Based on the completion of training, each instructor will receive a Certificate of Improvement of qualifications of a specified standard.

Main Forensic Center of the MIA

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