August 31, 2022 556

A meeting was held with young people at the 3rd sector headquarters of Zarafshan city in Navoi

The deputy head of the DIA of Navoi region, the head of the Investigative Department, held a reception with young people and citizens in the headquarters of the 3rd sector of Zarafshan city. At this meeting, measures were developed to positively solve the problems of the citizens of Zarafshan related to financial assistance, the establishment of business activities, employment and court.

For instance, Malohat Odinaeva, a resident of Yoshlik mahalla, asked for practical assistance in allocating a place in the institute dormitory because her daughter was a 2nd-year student and did not have the opportunity to rent a house for her. Her appeal was reviewed by the officials and resolved positively.

Another resident of this mahalla, Fatima Abdullaeva, expressed her desire to start a business in the field of national confectionery. The officials also resolved her appeal positively in cooperation with regional banks. Documents for preferential loan approval have been received.

So, on this day, more than ten appeals reached a positive solution in cooperation with relevant organizations. Also, the petitioners expressed their satisfaction with the opportunities provided to young people in our country.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region

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