November 5, 2022 588

The head of the DIA, the head of the 3rd sector of Navoi, studied the problems of the people of Khatirchi district

Many reforms are being implemented to comprehensively develop the territory of Khatirchi district and ensure the population's well-being.

The head of the DIA of Navoi region considered more than 20 appeals at the meeting.

Appeals by citizens regarding the repair of internal roads, medical and social assistance and employment were positively resolved.

In particular, Rohat Maqsudova, a resident of "Chechak" mahalla, who asked for help because she was a single mother and had no roof over her house for several years, was resolved on the same day. The roof of her house was covered at the expense of the Charity and Support Fund.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region

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