October 13, 2022 1428

The criminals wanted by NCB Interpol in Uzbekistan were extradited

Two internationally wanted criminals by the National Central Bureau of Interpol employees in the Republic of Uzbekistan who committed serious crimes were extradited. 

Two criminals who committed serious crimes were extradited to Uzbekistan with the cooperation of the employees of the National Central Bureaus of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland and Turkey and with the direct assistance of representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Poland.

One of the wanted persons was accused of committing a crime related to drug trafficking, had been hiding abroad for a long time, and was arrested by Ukrainian colleagues due to operational measures.

The second largest crypto fraudster, who invested 2 million US dollars in a financial pyramid created by a criminal on the Internet platform in Uzbekistan and defrauded more than two thousand citizens, was also identified and arrested on the territory of a foreign country.

After the General Prosecutor's Office approved the request for extradition from the Republic of Uzbekistan, the criminals were brought to Uzbekistan, accompanied by the NCB Interpol staff.

National Central Bureau of Interpol in Uzbekistan

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