September 14, 2023 484

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs visited Samarkand region

On September 12, during his visit to Samarkand region, Deputy Minister Colonel Ya. Abdulkhakov was in Urgut district and met with the head of the DIA of the district, Colonel Z.K. Mamadoliev, deputy heads of the DIA, sector leaders and activists of the district "Community Council" and held a meeting with them in the DIA building. They talked about the ongoing work and the criminal situation in the district.

Later, the Deputy Minister met with the investigators working in the Investigation Department of the district DIA and talked about the wide-ranging reforms being carried out in our country in the field of justice and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and the level of knowledge of the employees.

Then, together with the sector leaders, he met with the "fives" and activists of the "Chorchinor" mahalla and got acquainted with its activities.

During the visit, Colonel Ya. Abdulkhakov visited Toylok and Jomboy district police stations, met with the investigators working in the investigative units, got acquainted with the conditions created for them, and gave relevant instructions to the officials.

Currently, the visit of Colonel Ya.A.Abdulkhakov in Samarkand region continues.

Investigation Department under the MIA

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