January 3, 2023 478

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs conducted studies in Bulungur and Jomboy districts

Due to the sudden temperature drop in our republic's territory, working groups have been established to solve the complaints and problems received from the residents.

On January 3, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General B. Mirzarahimov, visited Jomboy and Bulungur districts of Samarkand region.

During the studies, meetings were held with the leaders of 4 sectors in the districts, and the work order of the working groups established in the districts was studied.

In addition, the houses of low-income people living in the territory of the 3rd sector of these districts, listed in the "Iron Register", "Women's Register", and "Youth Register", were visited, and the necessary assistance was provided.

Price stability in the markets was checked.

Work in this regard is continuing.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand Region 

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