January 3, 2023 577

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs conducted a study on the social situation in Sirdarya region

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel Ya.A.Abdulkhakov, together with the regional governor of Sirdarya region, A.A.Makhmudaliev, visited Khavos district of Sirdarya region and studied the socio-economic situation. Later, they visited Sohibkor mahalla of Khavos district, met with the residents, studied their lifestyle, solved the problems of the residents, studied the conditions created in social facilities, preparations for the autumn-winter season, and held a meeting with the citizens on the situation of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furthermore, Deputy Minister Colonel Ya.A. Abdulkhakov visited Boyovut district and studied the socio-economic situation in the district. During the visit, Deputy Minister Colonel Ya.A. Abdulkhakov went to the medical association of Boyovut district, got acquainted with the created conditions, received information about the condition of the patients being treated in the hospital, talked with them, examined the heating system of the medical association, and gave relevant instructions to the responsible ones to eliminate the identified problems, and its execution was controlled.

Press Service of the DIA of Sirdarya region

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