September 15, 2023 519

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Head of the Investigation Department, Colonel Ya. Abdulkhakov met with the parents of the investigators working in the Investigation Department under the DIA of Samarkand region and its regional units

The meeting was held in an open dialogue. The Deputy Minister talked to the parents of the investigators and expressed his gratitude to them for raising patriotic and loyal children and supporting them in every way. He provided information about the conditions created for the employees and the work being done to improve their material and technical support.

At the meeting, he emphasized that the employees must strictly observe the rules of professional culture and service discipline, control the behaviour of young employees, and the importance of the role of the family and parents in preventing them from inappropriate behaviour.

Following the event, opinions and suggestions were given and discussed on preventing negative diseases and incidents related to employees, providing them with all-around support, forming a healthy lifestyle, setting time for family and child education, and other issues.

Investigation Department under the MIA

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