February 1, 2023 777

A criminal case was initiated against the individuals who committed a robbery in Fergana district

On January 19, O.T. and N.B., as a group, took Z.Sh. to the field road in the area of "Khuroba" mahalla, beat him with hands on different parts of his body, and openly robbed his 800 US dollars, and hid from the scene.

In this regard, the Investigation Department of the DIA of Fergana district initiated a criminal case under Article 166, Part 2, clauses "a.b" (robbery) of the Criminal Code, and they were detained in a procedural order.

The Department of Internal Affairs of Fergana region reminds that the person who commits the crime mentioned above can be punished with imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Press Service of the DIA of Fergana region 

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