April 20, 2021 5143

In Bukhara, the forensic expert revealed the crime

On March 26, the Police received a complaint about robbery crime. The unknown person born in 1980, living in Beklar mahalla of Kagan district, illegally entered A.G.'s apartment and robbed $ 200, 2,000 Russian rubles and a silver chain worth 300,000 sums in the wallet and caused a total of 3,800,000 sums in material damage to the victim. It happened between 09.00 and 08.30 on March 25.

Based on this notification, the investigation team of the District Department of Internal Affairs inspected the scene. They duly documented ten fingerprints. The Police initiated a criminal case under Article 169 (2) (g) of the Criminal Code against the unknown person. Police undertook investigative activities.

During the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, "fingerprint evidence" was taken from the scene. An expert of the Forensic Department of the DIA of Bukhara Region conducted a forensic examination of fingerprints. He found 3 out of 10 fingerprints were the same fingerprints as a minor 9th grader K.Sh. in Beklar mahalla of Kagan district. 

Then, the juvenile K.Sh. was involved in the criminal case as a suspect. During the operative inquiry and investigative activities, Police fully confirmed that he had committed this crime and exposed it.

Preliminary investigations are currently undertaken.

Press Service of the DIA of Bukhara region


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