June 29, 2021 4720

The Academy of the MIA held a donation campaign

The Academy of the MIA held a donation campaign under the motto "Goodness Returns!" 

The charity event was organized on the occasion of June 14 - World Donor Day in cooperation with the Tashkent Blood Drug Research and Production Enterprise.

According to the Deputy head of the Medical Service of the Academy, Major Anvar Kuryazov, volunteers from the staff and cadets are actively participating in the donation campaign. The event's primary purpose is to treat the patients suffering from various diseases and provide immediate assistance to those in need of blood.

- Thanks to generous support, a sick person can be brought back to life. Importantly, we all took an active part in the event, which began with good intentions, - says Major Murod Botaev.

Representatives of partner organizations thanked the volunteers who actively participated in the campaign.

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