January 25, 2023 578

A person who stole money from a bank card was arrested

Citizen A.M., a resident of Kogon district, Bukhara region, appealed to Internal Affairs. He stated that he had lost his bank card issued in his name, and 11,242,000 UZS were withdrawn from his bank card by an unknown person on the same day, and he requested to take legal action against the criminal.

As a result of the quick investigations, it was determined that this crime was committed by S.M., born in 1994, a resident of Kogon district of Bukhara region.

It was identified that S.M. remembered the pin code number of the bank card while the victim of this crime was making purchases at the pharmacy, and he embezzled the money when the victim forgot his bank card in the pharmacy.

According to Article 169 of the Criminal Code, a criminal case was initiated against S.M., and investigations were undertaken.

Cyber Security Center of the MIA

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