September 26, 2022 548

The money on the plastic card was fraudulently stolen

The citizen Sh.S., a resident of Karshi district of Kashkadarya region, appealed to Internal Affairs. He stated in his application that an unknown person fraudulently withdrew 6,326,000 UZS from his plastic card.

As a result of the quick investigation activities, H.M., born in 2004, a resident of Karshi district, was found to be the person who withdrew the money from the plastic card of the citizen Sh.S.

It turned out that H.M. connected Sh.S's plastic card to the "Click" mobile application on his phone and stole the money.

A criminal case has been initiated against this citizen under Article 169 of the Criminal Code. An investigation is undertaken.

Dear citizens, do not give your bank card information to anyone. Be aware!

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA

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