August 9, 2022 1246

Six persons who tried to sell gold dust for 50 thousand US dollars were arrested

Two citizens of Samarkand region appealed to Internal Affairs. They claimed that a group of people living in the Navoi region got into their trust and promised to sell 11.5 kg of gold dust for 50 thousand US dollars. They informed them that they would bring it to Samarkand city. The citizens asked to take legal action against them.

Based on this appeal, the officers of the Department of combating corruption and economic crime of the Criminal Investigations Department of the regional DIA and the State Security Service of Samarkand region arrested six persons with material evidence while selling 11,575 kg of gold dust for 50 thousand US dollars to the owners of appeal.

Investigations are undertaken in connection with this situation.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand region

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